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The Office of the Grafton County Attorney is responsible for prosecuting all felonies committed in Grafton County except first and second-degree homicides. The office also prosecutes misdemeanor and juveniles appeals to the Grafton County Superior Court and conducts grand jury proceedings in the County. The County Attorney’s Office assists police with advice on criminal investigations and with training on legal issues. The Grafton County Attorneys primary responsibility is to see that justice is accomplished. The prosecutor serves the community as a whole and seeks justice for society. Within the Office of the Grafton County Attorney is a victim-witness coordinator whose role is to ensure victims have a voice in the criminal justice process.

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Lara Joan Saffo
Grafton County Attorney

County Attorney Lara Joan Saffo

Contact: Lara Joan Saffo
County Attorney
Address: 3785 Dartmouth College Hwy.
North Haverhill, NH 03774
Phone: (603) 787-6968
Fax: (603) 787-2026
Office Hours: Mon-Fri – 8am-5pm


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