Drug Court

The Grafton County Drug Court is a diversionary sentencing program which allows high risk/high need non-violent offenders to enter an 18 to 24 month drug rehabilitation program instead of incarceration in either the county jail or state prison. It provides and combines intensive treatment with strict supervision. Each participant is evaluated weekly as to his or her compliance by a Team composed of the Superior Court Judge of Criminal Cases, a Clinical Evaluator, County Attorney, Public Defender, Case Manager, and representatives of both Treatment and Supervision. A program of sanctions exists which disciplines those who violate the rules of the program and a program of rewards is in place to reward those who strive to achieve rehabilitation.

The program is in 4 phases totaling 18 months. An additional 6 months is available in the event the participant has set backs in his or her journey through the program. Upon successful completion of the 4 phases, the Court, within one year, may issue an order of annulment of the felony which the participant pled guilty to upon entering the program.

The Grafton County Drug Court commenced its program on May, 2007. As of this writing 91 participants have entered the program.

Drug Court Application

For questions about the program please contact:

Doug Moorhead, Acting Drug Court Coordinator
3801 Dartmouth College Highway, North Haverhill, NH 03774
Phone: 603-787-2042
Fax: 603-787-2044