C.A.R.E +

What is C.A.R.E +        

The Grafton County C.A.R.E+ Program is a post-conviction program designed to support individuals who are under supervision in the community, to connect them to services, and help them stay active in a therapeutic environment. C.A.R.E+ stands for Community, Assessment, Re-Entry and Education + Supervision: the focus of this program is to assist individuals in giving back to their community while helping them re-create a successful foundation and become productive members of society.

C.A.R.E+ participants are comprised of defendants who have been given an opportunity to participate in Adult Diversion but failed to successfully complete that program and subsequently plead guilty to criminal charges and are placed on probation for the same conduct.  This program also accepts direct referrals from a Court Order, after a referral form has been reviewed and preliminarily accepted.


What is offered?    

Services offered within this program are:

  • Substance Use Evaluations
  • Referral to Mental Health Evaluations
  • Intensive Case Management
  • Individual Counseling
  • Coordination of care
  • Psychoeducational Groups/Group Therapy
  • Restitution Support
  • Random Urine Drug Screens

More services may be offered as the need arises.

Referral Process

C.A.R.E+ is a court-ordered, condition of sentencing which is cooperatively monitored by probation and the Alternative Sentencing Department. Prosecution and Defense work together to complete a referral form to assess the potential participant appropriateness.

When the Grafton County Attorney’s Office extends a plea offer including the C.A.R.E+ program, a copy of that plea offer will be forwarded to the Alternative Sentencing Department.  Upon acceptance of the plea offer, the defendant shall contact the Alternative Sentencing Department to schedule an intake assessment.   During this assessment, the program requirements will be discussed and reviewed with the participant. All required intake paperwork and release forms will be signed at that initial intake assessment. The participant will have the opportunity to ask any questions to ensure he or she has a complete understanding of the rules, requirements, and expectations of the program.

Defendant will not be permitted to enter a guilty plea until the assessment has been completed and the defendant has been accepted into the program.

Following the entry of the guilty plea, probation or Prosecution will provide the Alternative Sentencing Department with a copy of the sentencing sheet and a copy of the signed Terms and Conditions of Adult Probation by Grafton County Probation & Parole if applicable.

C.A.R.E+ Referral Form

Program Requirements

Participants will be expected to abide not only by their individualized terms of C.A.R.E+ and conditions of probation, but are also required to follow the set of rules provided below:

  1. Participants shall have not engage in any criminal behaviors or have any negative interactions with law enforcement;
  2. Participants shall submit to random drug screening;
  3. Participants shall not use any drugs or alcohol while in the program;
  4. Participants shall attend all scheduled appointments, classes or other C.A.R.E+ related activities, unless it is an emergency;
  5. Participants will comply with instructions by Alternative Sentencing staff;
  6. Participants will pay program fees as appropriate.

Successful Completion

The C.A.R.E+ program is a 6-24 month long program during which participants will undergo quarterly progress reviews to identify areas in which they continue to struggle. Participants will be deemed to have successfully completed the program once they have completed all aspects of their treatment plan and have complied with all the rules of the C.A.R.E+ Program.


Noncompliance with any of the conditions listed above as well as verbal, physical or otherwise aggressive behavior towards staff or other participants in the program will result in immediate termination. Notice of Termination will be forwarded to the Supervising Probation and Parole Officer or Defense and Prosecution.  Upon Notice of Termination, the Supervising Probation and Parole Officer will file a Violation of Probation or the case will be returned to the court for imposition of sentence.