Maintenance Department Overview

Staffing: Ten maintenance staff and four custodians Role of Department: Performs campus-wide facility & grounds repair, maintenance and plant operations for the areas supported below and custodial care of the County’s Administrative, Drug Court and Courthouse buildings.

Areas Supported:

  • Courthouse
  • 135-bed Nursing Home
  • 165-bed Correctional Facility
  • Administrative Building
  • Drug Court Building
  • Maintenance/Farm Building
  • Dairy Barn, Pig Barn and various outbuildings
  • Biomass District Heating Plant
  • Three Sewage Pump Stations
  • Seven Emergency Generators
  • 360,000-gallon water storage tank, auto-isolation valve & distribution system
  • Approximately 30-40 acres of complex grounds, parking lots & county cemetery

Mission Statement:

Provide clean, safe, secure and comfortable facilities and grounds through the implementation of proactive maintenance measures, efficient operations, attention to detail and sound stewardship practices Customers: All departments, staff, residents and visitors of the complex Office Location: Administration Building – basement level by the elevator Shop Locations: Main Shop – Administration Building / Wood shop, Storage & Metal Fabrication – Maintenance/Farm Building / Satellite Shops – Courthouse, Corrections and Nursing Home


Jim Oakes


3855 Dartmouth College Hwy.
North Haverhill, NH 03774




Mon – Fri: 7am – 4pm

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Capital Projects & Other Accomplishments


  1. Constructed new sidewalks around nursing home, between nursing home and courthouse and between courthouse and new correctional facility [View Gallery]
  2. Created gardens and parks between nursing home and courthouse and site of old county correctional facility [View Gallery]
  3. Drainage & Erosion Project (installed new catch basins, storm drains, infiltration ponds, sheet-pile and concrete segmental walls, reconstructed embankments and restored access road to Howard Island) [View Gallery]
  4. Constructed 360,000-gallon water storage tank and distribution system along with automated isolation valve and SCADA system to monitor all [View Gallery]
  5. Rerouted and reconstructed water tank access road [View Gallery]
  6. Eliminated generator, transferred load to adjacent generator and created new switch gear room with new automatic transfer switch to eliminate safety deficiency identified by NH Dept of Safety [View Gallery]
  7. Completed complex-wide energy audit


  1. Replaced carpet throughout 80% of the building
  2. Replaced DDC system that controls & monitors building HVAC equipment
  3. Revamped old Registry of Deeds vault & office space, relocated generator switch gear & created new dispatch center and radio room with dedicated AC systems [View Gallery]
  4. Gutted old Corrections & Probation offices and conference room creating an enlarged County Attorney office with glass partition & service counter [View Gallery]
  5. Refurbished old UNH Extension office for Corrections & Probation
  6. Refurbished Sheriffs Dept and created several new offices [View Gallery]
  7. Removed old ballasted roof and replaced with EPDM rubber membrane roof
  8. Connected boilers, pumps and other essential equipment to emergency generator
  9. Replaced outside transformer feeding building
  10. Upgraded majority of lighting to high efficient T8, CFL and LED technology
  11. Replaced carport furnace
  12. Fabricated & installed safety panels in stairway and balcony railings, extending height and closed in large openings to eliminate fall hazard
  13. Oversaw design and construction of Superior and Circuit Court service areas and glass partitions
  14. Oversaw design and construction of automatic doors into courtrooms to better meet ADA requirements
  15. Constructed ADA bathroom on main floor

Drug Court Building

  1. Install generator with automatic transfer switch
  2. Replaced furnace and installed new flue from basement to roof

New Facilities – Helped Design And Oversee Construction Of The Following Facilities:

  1. Maintenance/Farm Building (7,000 sqft) [View Gallery]
  2. Correctional facility (100,000 sqft) [View Gallery]
  3. District Biomass Heating Plant (3,000 sqft) [View Gallery]

Administrative Building

  1. Rehabbed interior and converted to office space
  2. Demolished and reconstructed new steps and railings at most entrances
  3. Rebuilt porch off of the Registry of Deeds computer room
  4. Added new generator circuits throughout to power all offices
  5. Created two new server rooms with dedicated AC
  6. Replaced 1,200 slate roof tiles & installed snow rails over all exterior entrances
  7. Installed boiler controls to reduce oil consumption
  8. Performed major restoration of exterior by repointing, cleaning and sealing

Nursing Home

  1. Rehabbed 69 Building and constructed 03 addition
  2. Installed in-ground grease trap
  3. Installed dedicated AC system in server/telephone room
  4. Installed AC systems that provide cooling to laundry, kitchen and dining room areas
  5. Added sprinkler coverage to outside overhangs
  6. Installed numerous fire dampers, fusible links, access panels and hatches to correct numerous deficiencies
  7. Installed new magnetic lock keypads throughout
  8. Installed occupancy sensor lighting controls throughout
  9. Installed ozone injection system in laundry to reduce energy consumption
  10. Install Melink system in kitchen hood to reduce energy consumption
  11. Installed boiler controls to reduce oil consumption
  12. Refurbished beauty parlor


  1. Gutted old wiring in dairy and pig barns and completely rewired [View Gallery]
  2. Installed fire alarm systems in dairy and pig barns
  3. Replaced roofs on barns, generator sheds and corn crib and installed standing seam roofs
  4. Constructed new silage bunker, paved bunker aprons, installed catch basins and infiltration pond to correct drainage problem [View Gallery]
  5. Installed new electrical service to heifer barn
  6. Gutted old water line system in main barn and installed new one
  7. Demolished old cupolas on dairy barn and constructed new ones [View Gallery]
  8. Closed in and finished off lean-too on south end of dairy barn [View Gallery]
  9. Constructed new lean-too on south side of pig barn [View Gallery]
  10. Replaced compromised 100-gallon water heater with on-demand hot water heaters [View Gallery]


  1. Demolished old maintenance/farm building and blacksmith shop following fire [View Gallery]
  2. Demolished old correctional facility [View Gallery]